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Faith Family Bible Church
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Current Sermon Series
"The Fruit of the Spirit "

Join us this Sunday
and learn how to develop the fruit in your life!!

Quotes from Billy Joe Daugherty

You can know scriptures that promise healing, but if you don’t know it is God’s will to heal you, you will have a tough time receiving healing in your body.

If you’re saying God doesn’t heal today, then you must also say He doesn’t forgive sins today.

Your faith for healing cannot go beyond your knowledge of the Word, for God’s Word is the platform from which your faith is launched.

Probably the number one reason why most people are not healed today is lack of knowledge.  They simply don’t know God wants to heal them.

 If there was no sickness in the beginning, and there’s no sickness going to be no sickness in the end, why would God want sickness in the middle?  It surely must be God’s will that man love without sickness now.

Friend, you’ve got the title deed to health in your body.  The deed is that Christ redeemed you from the curse of the law with His very own blood.

Jesus completed a work to forgive your sins and to heal your body.  Both were provided at Calvary.

Love is and always has been the motivation behind the healing miracles of Jesus.

Sickness and disease come to steal, kill, and destroy.  They come from the devil.    

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Quotes from various others

I'm only interested in having an experience in line with God's Word - in having and experiencing what God's Word says belongs to me! ~Kenneth E. Hagin

It is not our ability to believe that made the sickness to go but rather the faith which God imparted to us through his mercy. ~Kathryn Kuhlman

Were you saved before you believed or after? After he answered. You will be healed after. ~Smith Wigglesworth

Without faith, you have nothing. You cannot be saved without it. You cannot be healed without it. ~Smith Wigglesworth

Dare you, dare you spurn this glorious Gospel of God for spirit, soul and body? . . . This Gospel that brings liberty, this Gospel that brings souls out of bondage,this Gospel that brings perfect health to the body, this Gospel of entire salvation. ~Smith Wigglesworth